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5-Step Simple Morning Routine for Success

A proven strategy to combat your inner Eeyore and find your winner Pooh.

Mornings can be a tough time of day for many entrepreneurs, salespeople, and business owners. The 24 hours ahead can feel overwhelming and it can be challenging to remain focused.

I always related more to Eeyore than the optimistic, Pooh. A little too much coffee, and you’d get a caffeinated Tigger. So, how in the world can a guy like that find success?

I received some excellent guidance from a coach, mentor, and friend that I want to pass along.

Here's my morning ritual. Hope it's helpful.

Step 1: Write down the inner chatter or critic's voice that you hear in your head. Get it out. Be honest. Sometimes I wake up rested and hopeful, but most days, there's a sense of nonspecific fear and dread that can lead to procrastination. (Ex. "I fear that no one really cares about my experiences, because you didn't go to an Ivy League no one wants to hear your experiences..., etc." This helps to clear out the head-trash.

Step 2: Write out a gratitude list. Be specific. Not just "Coffee.", but "I am grateful for a warm cup of coffee and the view from my window of Lake Michigan and the beautiful sunrise I get to view." These items can be tangible as well as intangible. "Thankful for my friendship with Keir and our honest dialogue last night and his support for my work.' This creates a mindset of plenty and a state of mind able to receiver inspiration.

Step 3: Write out the things you're willing to give up today that stand in the way of your success. The term "Character flaws" has lost its favor these days, but I find that honest appraisal is important. Ex. "I will give up on procrastination in selecting an LMS" is good, but also specific personal challenges such as "I will set aside the idea that I'm unworthy of success because of my past failures," is a good place to start. Be specific, but also be reasonable. Focus on things you can give up and commit to for the next 24 hours ahead.

Even positive intentions and constructive actions when viewed against your goals can turn out to be destructive to your success. For example, it's important to select a great conference call system for your new business, but is it more important than creating a good introductory email, or creating outbound sales materials?

Step. 4. Write positive affirmations. Yes, I understand the hesitancy here. For those of us who remember SNL's Stuart Smiley, this may seem silly. It is not. It is powerful. You can call them positive intentions, visualization or prayers, but there is amazing practicality to it. Ex. I bring my clients and I am a trusted resource for them. My experiences of success and failure are equally useful to others as it can help them avoid the mistakes I made and allow them to expedite their own success.

Step 5. Share your goals. Now that your head is clear and your thoughts aligned, use your creativity and focus to write out your plan for the day. Be tactical and focused on your goals. If you haven't already defined your 90-day S.M.A.R.T Goals, then perhaps this is a good day to do so. Ask yourself, "Is this activity or pursuit bringing me closer to or further away from achieving the goals I've set.

Finally, share your plan with someone you trust. Accountability drives results. This process sounds simple, but it requires discipline, courage, and tenacity. Remember "To know and not 'do' is not to 'know.'"

Feel free to share as the spirit moves you and let me know how it goes! Wishing you and your families the best during these trying times.

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