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Ambitious Vets: Join the Frontlines as a Business Sales Consultant

What is Corporate Sales?

Revenue Ops (RevOps) is the Special Ops of the Corporate Civilian World

You led from the front in battle. Don't fall behind once you leave active duty.

In the military, you're either in combat arms, supporting combat arms, or in support roles.  In the civilian world, you're either producing revenue for a company, helping another company produce revenue for their company, or in a support role.

Learn the facts:

  • There are 450k open sales roles in the US with median 1st year earnings of $69,712.  As a Sr. Account Executive, average base salary is $89,348 per year and total compensation of $129,348 annually!

  • All of our B2B sales roles come with healthy base salaries, these are not commission only positions.

  • Sales rewards performance. This is one of the few corporate roles where you are in control of your own destiny.



Instructor-Led, Remote Fellowship, Nationwide Placement

Wherever you serve, wherever you are going, we have a home for you!

With most HoH and SkillBridge Fellowships you are limited by geography and have to choose between convenience and location. Not so with a Sales Platoon Apprenticeships.

  • Live Instructor Led Training - no boring videos to watch

  • Teach. Execute. Review. Methodology - from actual sales managers.

  • Attend from anywhere - you only need a computer, internet connection and headset to attend.

  • Graduate with real-sales-experience working on a remote sales team!

Executive Sales Training designed specifically for Transitioning Military

Sales Platoon is the SpecOps Training you need to succeed in the Corporate world.  Designed to teach you the skills necessary to accelerate your time success!

All sales trainings are not created equally. This is not some tired-repurposed-online course re-designed for our military. This is professional grade onboarding, specifically designed to recreate the rigors of an academic degree combined with the tactical skills, tools, and tribal knowledge you'll need to succeed in corporate sales roles.  

Our unique training model is based on world-class, best practices in onboarding new sales reps at companies from start-ups to NASDAQ, including:

  • 160 hours of instructionally designed, live instructor led training

  • 12 to 52 weeks of practical hands-on apprenticeship - learning to sell

  • 360 Boot Camp - Business Communications, Customs and Courtesies of Corporations

  • 5 certifications, including LinkedIn, HubSpot, and various sales methodologies

* No cost for military veterans.



By Military, For Military

World-Class Sales Training and Onboarding with one mission in mind. Preparing you to win the battle and succeed in Sales!

Additional benefits:

  • Live, instructor-led training taught by industry experts - not sales trainers

  • Virtual-delivery, through Zoom

  • Available world-wide, year-round

  • Job placement Assistance - dozens of partner organizations

  • Official DoD Skillbridge and Hiring our Heroes Partner

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